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Live In The Moment!

Eckhart Tolle wrote a book entitled, The Moment of Now and what an awesome and transforming book it is.  He is the reason I’ve learned to embrace each moment.  I’m not perfect at it by any means, but it’s what’s I stride for.  

When we enjoy the moment of now, we are being present, we are being grateful and we are just BE-ing.  The art of just Be-ing sounds so challenging to do, but it really isn’t.  It only means to be in the present moment, to be truly involved in that task you’ve chosen to be a part of  and just Be-ing one in Spirit.

Live in the moment, appreciate each breath, practice gratitude for all things and I promise, your life will change drastically.  

Will you choose to embrace this moment of NOW?



There’s so much pain when A Mother dies….

Mommy left us last month, September 2017 at approximately 3:15 pm. 

We had our ups and downs when I was a young teen girl, but in the past year, she and I became home girls. We used to play board games, watch TV shows and just hang out. 

I’ve watched Mommy go through so much as a child. Beat downs by men, disrespect by our Fathers and being broken by never actually healing.

I believe Mommy passed away due to a broken heart. Yes, people die of broken hearts. The heart is the most vital organ in the body so when we abuse it, mistreat or and let others do whatever they want to it; we set ourselves up for failure. 

The Bible tells us to guard our hearts for a reason. So if you find that your heart isn’t healed or healthy, do whatevers necessary to give your heart what she needs in order to thrive and take care of you. 

I miss you Dorothy Ann. Thank you for making me the woman I am today.  Rest in Honor and Peace Mommy. 

Our Children and Suicidal Thoughts….

I’ve spoken to many people who have experienced depression and suicidal thoughts as young children. I too am one who’s experienced these mental health conditions.

I’m currently on a journey to find out why many of us experience these thoughts and feelings as young people. Does it take place prior to puberty? Does it take place during the middle schools years where we are more prone to bullies and cliques? Or does it take place when we are becoming young adults and have no way to release the natural built up sexual tension inside of us?

I don’t know, but what I do know is next week my family has an appointment to see a counselor about my Son’s mode of depression and thoughts of suicide.  Yes, like many things I write about; this one hits home. 

My 12 year old tells me that he’s clinical depressed. I asked him how he diagnosed himself with such a big, powerful word.  I asked him if he could just be experiencing a time of sadness.

He says he’s depressed.  And of course when I suggest he stops playing so many violent video games and go outside and run around; he gets upset with me. 

So we’ll go to the doctor next week, but I believe my Son could be taking on the emotions from his close friend at school who’s experiencing some major trials and tribulations with his foster family, these violent video games his Dad allows him to play and possibly some negative effect from the three plus years of chemotherapy. I don’t know, but I’m on a mission to find out what’s happening with my baby.

You see my Son is an empath, a compassionate human being. He’s the child that speaks up when he see people being treated unfairly. And because of this, I believe he’s taking on others emotions because I do the same. 

As I teach myself how to not do this, I’m attempting to teach my Son. 

And as I explained to him yesterday, it’s not your time to die or to think about dying.  

I said to him, humans like youself are needed in this world. We need leaders, we need compassionate loving hearts, we need heroes! 

And today I want to let the world know that my Javion, my cancer survivor, my brilliant, compassionate child is my Superhero. And the world will know his name one day. 

Cheers to you Javion!