Mommy For A Season! My story of open adoption…

Mommy for a Season... The Story of Baby Moses When I walked out of the house on that day It was you and me For 40 weeks we were a very tight couple We did everything together, even prayed Together, we made it through rain, sleet, heat and snow We loved each other for 40... Continue Reading →

Watch “Van Life Live: Cooking with my kid at the Golden Gate Bridge” on YouTube

Mother and Son off grid duo!

The Myth about “Making” Things Happen

Awesome read!

Soul Client Matchmaker

Stop-Making-it-happenA lot of people out here are just selling “skills.” And there’s nothing wrong with that, because certainly skill is important, but just selling “skill” will never truly have you make your mark on humanity, or create the income you truly want.

See when you get clear on who you are, why you are here, and what your calling/purpose/passion (Your Soul’s Blueprint) is, you’ll start to see what’s incongruent in your energy, in your psychology and in the way you show up in your message to the world.

Right now your energy is all mixed up, and because of this you’re mostly just trying to “make” things happen, (that’s that male energy and it’s cool), but you’re probably being reactive in your biz, instead of “creating” and “playing,” i.e., doing your Soul’s “work.”

You’re not carrying the message forward that’s truly in your heart and you’re not being paid enough…

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