WTF you mean…my baby has cancer?

I remember the day the 2nd ex hubby called to tell me that our then 1 year old had cancer. I was in Atlanta at my new job building a new life so I could send for my baby.

Haha, fooled me. When the call came in that my baby had cancer….oooowwweeeee. I was a server at the Marrietta Diner. Training. Wasn’t supposed to have my phone on me but I’m glad I did.
That was a fuqqed up experience hearing that your baby may die from cancer. I immediately told the manager, packed up a bag and a cardboard sign (just in case I ran out of gas) I had just signed a new lease, just started a new job and had no money. But I had to get home to Ohio.
That experience in itself was so freaking hard. To make the long story short. My baby is a-ok 12 years later. A cancer surviving hero he is. We had to do 3.5 years of chemo. And I can honestly say, I wouldn’t know what I would do if it wasn’t for his Father. A great Father he is. Sir JV. He lost all of his hair (even his eye brows) 😦 the steroids made him gain weight, the chemo treatments made him miserable, the blood transfusions had me constantly praying, the surgeries seemed endless, the bills got bigger…. but together we fought cancer and we beat it’s ass! BUT GOD!!!! Is all I can say.

So my people, when I say I can feel your pain. When I say I am here for you, when I say BUT GOD! I speak from experience. And I am here for you. ❤ Meet a real hero…Sir JV. My Prince. My soldier. Mi amor. ❤


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