The day I wanted to die…

I remember the day I had my nervous breakdown April of 2011. I just couldn’t shake the spirit of “fuq yourself up” off of me. That whole day, I wrote down all the bad things about myself. I was an unsuccessful business woman, a horrible daughter who didn’t have parental forgiveness. I hated myself as a Mother because my Son’s loved their Fathers more than me. It was all bad. I’m not stable with anything. I love to dream and no one around me knew about my type of dreams. It was bad.

I just couldn’t find anything good about myself. So I went to the store and bought some alcohol…which intensified my desire for death. All the signs were there…Vick, die. End your life. It’s not worth it, your’re not worth it. I was so lonely at that point of my life. 2 failed marriages and I wasn’t even 40. lol. smdmfh
Well I didn’t die that night. GOD gave me a divine experience and testimony and HE said…be sure to always hold on, stay strong and trust in HIM. So today I write this post, letter to you to say Baby hold on stay strong because you are needed here on this planet. The world needs you. Eye need you.Β 

So if you find yourself in any type mental chaos and pain, I am heeeerrreee you don’t have to worry I can see your tears. I’ll be there in a hurry when you call. (Yes, I’m singing Kirk Franklin…I am here. )girl with raised hands and broken chains

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