Mommy For A Season! My story of open adoption…

Mommy for a Season…

The Story of Baby Moses

When I walked out of the house on that day

It was you and me

For 40 weeks we were a very tight couple

We did everything together, even prayed

Together, we made it through rain, sleet, heat and snow

We loved each other for 40 weeks, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

Then we loved each other everyday for 4 days, physically

We parted ways on the 99 hour after your first breath on the outside of my belly

Those 1st 4 days after giving you life were magical

You made me smile and giggle

You also inspired tears

One minute I didn’t want to let you go

The next, I knew I had to

You went to your new home with your new family

and I returned to the place I laid my head

I wondered what your heart and soul thought of me

I hope that you will never be upset with me

I hope to never steal your joy by my choice

Every time I think of your little tiny head and

your little tiny nose and your little tiny ears and

your precious pure and righteous body, I begin to cry

No, it’s not because I’m sad

And noooo, it’s not because I’m mad

No, it’s not because I have regret

It’s because I’m at peace with knowing that you will be righteously loved and appreciated

You are a hero to many many people already, your light is shining bright

GOD will use you in many ways Moses and I am honored to be the chosen vessel for Baby Moses.

I love you Prince Steven Moses

And I am ever so grateful for being your Mommy for a Season….

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