Is It Worth It? Is Living In A Van Worth It?

The Victorious Living Movement (1)Is it worth it? This is a question I’ve been receiving as a 41 year young, full-time, brown skinned, nomadic woman.

And yes, for me it’s worth it.  After my last 2 apartment homes, I decided that I know longer wish to pay these lazy and tacky landlords my hard earned income so they can take care of their families.  I don’t want to be that resident that helps them when I have no cold water, when there are mice and roaches running around the building and when they have no integrity in the level of service they provide to their community.  Yes, the last couple of places I’ve lived have truly turned me off from the everyday hustle of working my life away in order to pay rent and utilities.

The pictures below at the top is where I originally applied to move into.  These are supposed to be…

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