What is The Victorious Living Movement?

The VictoriousLiving Movement

Vicky Love, What is The Victorious Living Movement? 

Greetings, I’m glad you asked.  The Victorious Living Movement is a movement dedicated to hurt and broken people who are currently saying no to allowing those past hurts and pains to take over their lives.  Yes, we’ve had moments of hard-knocks, but we choose to be Victorious by any means necessary.  We choose to wipe the tears from our eyes, add a smile and inspire Joy.  We choose to Be Victorious over the times when we were powerless victims. 

Victims no more! Is what we boldly and loudly shout out to the world.  Claiming our peace, love and joy back.  We pat ourselves on the back, we say job well done and we keep moving forward because we are Courageously Victorious! 

Will you choose to be a member of the Victorious Living Movement? There are no fees, just Peace in our minds, Love in our hearts and Joy in our Spirits.  

The Victorious Living Movement is in full effect baby! 

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