Spring is here!!! By Coach Lana Mac

Spring is here!!! By Coach Lana Mac

S– Stand your ground and l

earn the power of no to others and the power of yes to yourself.

P– Passion. Do what makes YOU h

appy. What gives you the happyย 

kid dance inside and outside?


Do that.

R– Rest. Give your body the rest it deserves. Donโ€™t run yourself into the ground. Sit still and breathe.

I– Intuition. Use it. Itโ€™s there for a reason. Trust your intuition. Itโ€™s your biggest inner guide.

N– Nature. Walk in nature and ground yourself. Listen to the birds, feel the wind and touch the ground. Reconnect to Mother Earth.

G– Grateful. Be grateful for all of life experiences. Even the bad ones. Your biggest failures are you greatest lessons. You just have to listen and learn.

Guest Post Written By,


Visit Ms. Mac Here: https://www.empowermentofthesoul.com/

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