Is It Worth It? Is Living In A Van Worth It?

The Victorious Living Movement (1)Is it worth it? This is a question I’ve been receiving as a 41 year young, full-time, brown skinned, nomadic woman.

And yes, for me it’s worth it.  After my last 2 apartment homes, I decided that I know longer wish to pay these lazy and tacky landlords my hard earned income so they can take care of their families.  I don’t want to be that resident that helps them when I have no cold water, when there are mice and roaches running around the building and when they have no integrity in the level of service they provide to their community.  Yes, the last couple of places I’ve lived have truly turned me off from the everyday hustle of working my life away in order to pay rent and utilities.

The pictures below at the top is where I originally applied to move into.  These are supposed to be fully remodeled apartment homes.  As you can see the day I was scheduled to sign my lease; it looked like this.  I’m not living in this mess.  And because I had submitted a notice to my previous landlord, I had to move so they transferred me to their sister property which is shown in the bottom pictures.  Errrrrrrhhhh, so this is why I live in my van house.  I lived there for 2.5 months before I stopped paying rent and went to eviction court. 

I also don’t understand why neighbors are so disgusting and disrespectful with their pets.  If you know that you have pets who poop outside, why wouldn’t you clean up after your pet so that paying neighbors don’t have to look at that hump of shiiiittttt or have to smell it as they enter or exit their homes?

I didn’t want to invite guests over to my home, I didn’t want to invite guests over for meals and that was my cue to leave the housing thing alone.  If I pay rent I should not be ashamed to bring company over.  And the place above also had roaches in the elevators.  I don’t like living with roaches and I don’t like having to live in shame.  And I sure don’t want roaches crawling on my visitors belongings.

So I went to eviction court.  The Judge asked when I would surrender the apartment back to the management company.  I asked for 3 days to empty the unit, he said okay and he dismissed the eviction.  Within those 3 days, I loaded my Saturn with my important items and gave everything else away to the residents in that building.

I lived in my Saturn for 5 months and then I purchased Wylde Chylde (which is my 2000 Ford E150 conversion van) that I bought from Craigslist for $750.  I turned her into a home and we’ve been living happily ever after for 1.5 years.  So next month in April of 2018, it will be 2 years that I have lived as a modern day nomad.


This is my new logo for Wylde Chylde and The Victorious Living Movement.

WYLDE Chylde Logo

By the way, since I left that community 2 years ago, they have had 3 different management companies.  That right there shows you that it’s all a game of hustling, making money and then leaving your victims.  Skyview Towers, you suck!

If you have any questions about my lifestyle, please feel free to ask. I take no offense to anything.  If you’d like, please check out my van living vlogs on my Youtube channel.  I also have tours of Wylde Chylde there. 


6 thoughts on “Is It Worth It? Is Living In A Van Worth It?

  1. Omg I know what your talking about!! We have same views. My family thinks its extremly bad.but I don’t care what anybody thinks. I love what I’m doing. Doing the van life I feel so free alot.y stress gone♡♡♡

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