Building a positive social circle

Great post! It is very important to build a positive social circle. Awesome tips, thank you. I’ve re-blogged.

Staying healthy isnt a crime-Fitness is a lifestyle choice

I plan on getting back to the podcast soon that I created (been away from it for 3 months) and so to keep things fresh, I will probably do the Tips Tuesday — and gradually get back into things, don’t want to overwhelm myself with too much because of all the extra stuff I am now taking on. With this being said, I created this tip months ago, and I figured it is very important — something we should all aim for & that is:


Building a positive social circle.


What this means, is choosing to surround yourself with people who help to build you, motivate you, encourage you, and support you. We all have had people in our circle at one point who seemed like the debbie downer or the one that constantly complains about life and all the downs but never sees any positive things from…

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5 Tips For Maintaining Peace In The Midst of Your Storms

Drink Gratitude for breakfast like it's medicine for your soul, because it is. Learn to Love yourself unconditionally and recognize your value. Acknowledge the Storm and remember; if it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger.  There are lessons in all trials and tribulations. Eat Gratitude for dinner. Treat yourself to more gratitude for dessert.... Continue Reading →

Finding Time versus Making Time

Inspiration to Write….

The Jittery Junebug

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to write something, but felt I didn’t have the time.

I can’t count that high.

Something always takes precedence, planned or otherwise, and so my plethora of ideas continue to roll around in my head. The lucky few get written in a notebook or on a sticky note, but many disappear into the cerebral nether.

As many already know, I am currently expecting my second child in May, which puts a huge chunk of pressure on my shoulders. Nothing I do feels like it’s enough to prepare, I constantly feel swamped with work and home life, and my writing has absolutely taken a backseat in the chaos. It’s disheartening to know stories I love and want to finish are just sitting there, all but abandoned, but I just can’t find the time for them.

A few months back, I sat down…

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