The Life of A Digital Nomad

Yes, I’m a nomad!  What is a nomad, you ask?  A nomad is a self-sufficient person  who has no physical abode and a digital nomad is a person who earns their living in/over/through the world of technology while traveling across the land.

I began living this life 2 years ago when I became fed up with disrespectful and tacky property management companies and lazy neighbors who don’t have enough decency to pick up after their pets.

Yes, in April 2016 I choose to give all of my material items away while keeping a few of my most important valuables and I began living out of my Saturn ION.  I lived in her for 5 months prior to searching for and finding my 1st van.  Then I found my Wylde Chylde and I bought her.  Wylde Chylde is my van-house.  I bought her off of Craigslist in 2016 and she and I have been free and adventurous since then.  She was sitting lifeless and without love for one whole year.  And piece by piece I got her together, brought her back to life, cleaned her up and turned her into my new home on wheels.

You see I never would’ve imagined living this lifestyle.  As a child I never fantasized about living in a vehicle when I grew up, but what I can tell you is I absolutely have no regrets and I would not change my current life for the world.  I’ve been documenting my nomad journey for 2 years and below are some of my videos from my journey.  Please free to check them out and leave a comment.   And if you are also a part of the nomad community, I would love to meet with you and possibly hear your story.

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