Gratitude Really Is The Best Medicine!

Many times we loose track of the things that are important to us  because we are focused on the art of gaining more.  More material items, more bills, more knowledge…more more more….

As a Gratitude Coach the problem that I see with this is, so many people are not practicing the art of GRATITUDE right now.  And to me, the best medicine for humanity to live in it’s highest potential is the medicine of GRATITUDE.  Yes, we when learn to be grateful for even the smallest things in our lives, I know that our lives would be much more fulfilling.

What is GRATITUDE? Gratitude is the art of being thankful.  Gratitude is the art of being appreciative of the little things in life as well as the bigger things.  I am just as grateful for my taste buds as I am for my breath.  I am grateful for my feet which allow me to move forward in my life as much as I am grateful for the fingers that allow me to pick up and maneuver objects.

The Art Of Gratitude, Let Us Give Thanks For All Things

What are you grateful for today? Are you grateful for yourself, your family, your friends, your career, your home, your knees, your mind, your heart etc… ? What are you grateful for?  Are you grateful for the breathe of life that’s entering and exhaling from your body? I promise when you begin listing your areas of gratitude  you will become so much more happy in your life.   You will become so much more grateful in your life.  I know you will.

So today I ask you, what are you grateful for?  What do you give thanks for?  What are you appreciative for in your life?

If you are unable to find things in your life to be grateful for, contact your Gratitude Coach, Ms. Love today!  Iammsvlove at gmail dot com.

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