My Organization only offers Joy, Peace & Love at this time. 

Because I’m in the business of attempting to be in business, I currently only offer my inspiration, love, joy and peace to my audience. 

It’s free. All I do is be me, send out Love and then it happens to come back to me.  

And seeing my comments on my YouTube channel and other social media profiles makes me smile a lot bigger. Just to know that my free ministry is healing and blessing at least one person is my form of payment and I love what I do.

You see so many people are charging for everything, even Ministries. I think it’s sad because a ministry is supposed to be just that, the ability to minister GODs Joy for free. 

What if Christ made people pay to talk to Him? Lol. What if he only gave you 10 minutes of His time and keep looking at the clock? What if He charged $50 per hour to pray together? Lol.

Greedy, selfish people have turned GODs free Word into a business to make money on and I currently have no idea how to do that. 

For now, I inspire and I wait for my my Abba Provider to make my way. Because I don’t need much and HE always provide for my needs. It’s called my Discipleship Journey for a reason. 

But if anyone wanted to financially support The Victorious Living Movement, they can bless the PayPal account at then click on the support link. 

And I’ve recently completed my 1st EBook entitled, Finding Joy In Your Journey. You can download it at for free. 

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