Van-Life is what I’m currently into….

April 2016 is when I made the conscious choice to leave the disgusting apartment I had and live out of my car.  I was fed up!  Fed up with the roaches crawling around the elevators, the mice roaming around the fourteen story building and the very hot showers due to my apartment having issues with no cold water.  I mean geeeezy freaking weeeezies who wants to live like that?  Not me!

So the Judge asked me (at the eviction court hearing) “Would you like to continue living in your apartment?”  I said no! )I really wanted to say hell no, but I kept it respectful.  He then asked when can I have all of my stuff out of the apartment and return the keys back to the pathetic management company.  That was a Thursday, I told him Monday morning, those disgusting office staff members would have their key.

I went home and immediately begin purging.  I packed up my few items, put them in my car and then I gave everything else that I owned away.  Of course one of the 2 elevators were broken so I’m very happy I didn’t have move any furniture pieces.  I hated that place and it was actually an accident that I moved there, but that’s another story.  Yes, I was originally supposed to move into this community (shown below) and the day I went to sign the lease and conduct my inspection…this is what this management company thought I was going to move into.  Yeah right! They said I would have a brand new remodeled apartment and apart of an awesome community.  You never see this type of mess when being shown the model unit.



I had to leave my previous place because that landlord already had a new resident, I had to settle for another apartment in one of their other communities.  And this is what I had no choice to move into.  I tried it for 2 months and then stopped paying rent.  I hated that place.  There were roaches in the freaking emergency stairwells.  Residents would let their pit bulls poop all around the community and not clean it up.  I don’t live like this and that’s when I went to eviction court.

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And this my dear is when I began living in my vehicle and I can honestly say, I have no regrets on my decision.   If you’d like to keep up with my van living journey, please click here to subscribe to my YouTube Channel entitled, The Victorious Living Movement. 

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