My target audience for TVLM are minimalist and hurt people…

The Victorious Living Movement is all about living a free, humbling, peaceful, loving and simple lifestyle while continuously healing ourselves and one another.  I would say that my target audience would be women who are ready for a different way of living and being.  Women who want to be healed from past hurts and pains.  Women who want to be free from how the world expects them to be, behave and appear.  Women who want peace and crave simplicity and adventure.  Women who embrace memories and living on their own terms.  Women who aren’t afraid to let ‘stuff’ go.  Who really needs to have so many material possessions when working on the soul?  No me.  Women who aren’t afraid to purge or afraid to let go.

The Victorious Living Movement is about our personal discipleship journey’s.  If you are one who believes in JESUS than you know that HE moved around, he did not sit still.  He journeyed to heal, He journeyed to present peace, love and joy.  HE went out and fed the hungry, healed the sick and be to Himself.  The Victorious Living Movement has become my Jesus Journey on discovering more about life, growing as a babe in Christ and fellow-shipping with people from all walks of life.

If you’d like to keep up with my Discipleship Journey, please click here and subscribe to my Y/T channel. 

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