My target audience for TVLM are minimalist and hurt people…

The Victorious Living Movement is all about living a free, humbling, peaceful, loving and simple lifestyle while continuously healing ourselves and one another.  I would say that my target audience would be women who are ready for a different way of living and being.  Women who want to be healed from past hurts and pains. ... Continue Reading →

To Be Unbound

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Adventures with Aly

girl with raised hands and broken chains

So yesterday we talked a bit about the ministry. I was not the founder of the ministry but what I know is this, John 8:36 states, “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed”,   Another thing I know is that you can love the Lord with ALL your heart but still be bound. To love Him though is a very good start. But in order to be free you have to understand who He is and what He desires for your life.

Let me explain it like this because I don’t want there to be any confusion.  Let’s take Aly, me, for example. I gave my life to Christ a long time ago and I found a Word teaching church and I have been active in the church. All those things were a foundation but in some ways I was still bound. I knew…

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Van-Life is what I’m currently into….

April 2016 is when I made the conscious choice to leave the disgusting apartment I had and live out of my car.  I was fed up!  Fed up with the roaches crawling around the elevators, the mice roaming around the fourteen story building and the very hot showers due to my apartment having issues with... Continue Reading →

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