I’m Infatuated with the Idea of Entrepreneurship!

Oh, how I love and admire the art of being in business. The art of creating a concept, an idea or a product and turning it loose into the world. 

Since I was 11 years old, I’ve been a lover of creating and promoting. Yeeeeees, I used to have a girls group. I wrote the songs, choreographed the dance routines and strategically recruited my sister and close girlfriends. (Heheheeeee)

We had an awesome time!

Anyways, I’ve realized since eleven years old I’ve been a professional hustler not necessarily a professional business woman. I’ve had various side jobs and various business’s registered with the state I resided in, and I’m not eeeeven saying successful businesses.

I feel excited when creating, starting and promoting new concepts, however; I been failing in obtaining the sale, asking for the sale and closing the sale.  For some reason, I become bored with the idea after I’ve done all that work. (I often wonder if my bi-polar diagnosis has anything to do with this)

Definitely, not a great way to run an organization. I was hit and miss at getting Clients. I sucked!

But now, I’m choosing to manage

Love Enterprises

on a whole different level. 

Love Enterprises is my new Victorious Living Coaching and Speaking Services.  I promote and speak to Women about maintaining peace in the midst of their storms and living Victoriously and Courageously in all that they choose to do. 

I promote simple and peaceful living on my YouTube channel called The Victorious Living Movement. 

I’m an Inspirational Coach and Speaker and if I can inspire smiles, promote peace and encourage joy; I’m happy. 

I thank you for your interest in learning more about me, Vicky Love. 

If you or your organization is in need of an energetic, friendly, compassionate and professional speaker or coach, please email me at iammsvlove@gmail.com