Ooooh, how I Love; Eat, Pray & Love with Julia Roberts!

OMG!  I freaking love the movie; Eat, Pray and Love with Julia Roberts.  First of all she’s such an amazing actress.  Since Pretty Woman and My Best Friend’s Wedding; I have admired this woman’s career dedication.  


Anyways, the Movie and Book; Eat, Pray and Love is about a Woman on a journey to find herself.  To find the full essence of who she really is.  The journey goes into describing her journey with falling in love with food, self, servitude/life, the oneness with the Universe and Spirituality and theeeeeen falling in love with her soulmate and life partner after closely choosing to surrender to Love and leave it alone. 

Just like Ms. Julia Roberts and Yourself; I’m also on a journey. I’ve experienced eating good food, I’ve experienced awesome prayer and fellowship with our Creator and in the near future; I too will experience a soulmate and a life partner to travel, love and grow with.

Watch the movie or read the book!  You will it enjoy it and if you don’t; I shall put you in a headlock.  Heheheeeeee!cropped-cropped-dsc_0047-21-e1502036986541.jpg

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