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One Mission: That’s to Inspire More Smiles through The Victorious Living Movement.

One Vision: That’s to See More Smiles in The Victorious Living Movement.

One Goal: That’s to add more lives into The Victorious Living Movement. 

The VictoriousLiving Movement

So you ask, “What is the Victorious Living Movement?”  And I’m happy you asked.  

The Victorious Living Movement is a Movement of Transformation, a Movement where hurt people are reminded of their greatness.  Hurt people are reminded of their victories,  hurt people are reminded of their accomplishments, thus making hurt people feel better about who they are.  We pat ourselves on the back and acknowledge our value and our worth!

Living Victoriously is about maintaining peace in your mind, love in your heart and joy in your Spirit!  We say no more to the goofiness of our lives and yes to living freely and passionately while continuously striding to heal and rebuke the pass hurts. 

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