Remember that show…A Different World?

Wow, I remember being a young girl watching A Different World.  It would air


 immediately after the Cosby’s.  I was in middle school when the show came on so I knew nothing about college life or what to expect.

The show was based on young adults experiencing the ups and downs of the African American college life.  It was very entertaining, informational and just down right fun to watch.  Bounce TV began airing it recently and I was so happy to see Denise and the gang again.  

Watching the show through adult eyes is a whole different level from when I was a child.  I had never realized or thought about the deep realities of the of the episodes until I was blessed with adult eyes.  

A Different World is a show for everyone.  Its a show designed to inspire us to make the best choices in our lives that we can make and to keep pushing forward no matter what trials may come your way.  

And the theme song, oh yes!