Who’s Vicky Love?

From Vic-Tim to VIC-TOR; Vicky Love is a professional obstacle over-comer.   I am the Founder of The Victorious Living Movement.  A Movement where I declare and promote; Victorious and Courageous Living while Finding Joy and Peace in The Midst of Our Journey’s. I’m the perfect Inspirational Speaker for youth and adult personal development conferences, workshops and non-profit events. At 16 years old, I became a … Continue reading Who’s Vicky Love?

Welcome to MsVickyLove.com!

Hello and Welcome! My name is Vicky Love and I currently have: One Mission: That’s to Inspire More Smiles through The Victorious Living Movement. One Vision: That’s to See More Smiles in The Victorious Living Movement. One Goal: That’s to add more lives into The Victorious Living Movement.  So you ask, “What is the Victorious Living Movement?”  And I’m happy you asked.   The Victorious … Continue reading Welcome to MsVickyLove.com!

JV- Man Inspires my writing….

Jv- Man a.ka. Javion is my twelve year old cancer survivor.  Yes, he was diagnosed with A.L.L. Luekemia when he was one so when I speak about strength, courage, healing and glory; he’s my light.   OMG! Three and a half years of chemotherapy treatments, needles, doctors, surgeries, blood transfusions, being a secluded child and baaaam!  He still sings and dance.  I give praises to The … Continue reading JV- Man Inspires my writing….

Soldier of Love By Sade, is my Theme Song!

Yes, Yes, Yes!  I’m a Soldier of Love.  Everyday of my life! Oh my oh my oh my Sade.  Baby Girrrrrl, you killed it giving us this one.   Soldier of Love – Lyrics By Sade I’ve lost the use of my heart But I’m still alive Still looking for the life The endless pool on the other side It’s a wild wild west I’m doing my … Continue reading Soldier of Love By Sade, is my Theme Song!