Who’s Vicky Love?

From Vic-Tim to VIC-TOR; Vicky Love is a professional obstacle over-comer.   I am the Founder of The Victorious Living Movement.  A Movement where I declare and promote; Victorious and Courageous Living while Finding Joy and Peace in The Midst of Our Journey’s.

I’m the perfect Inspirational Speaker for youth and adult personal development conferences, workshops and non-profit events.

At 16 years old, I became a young, scared and single teen Mom who was emancipated through Franklin County Children Services and now I am: a Survivor of Suicide, a Mental Health Advocate, an Open Adoption Promoter, and a Charismatic Inspirational Speaker.

I love fishing, crocheting, adventures and living in my van-house.  Yes, you read right, I live in my van-house and I love it!

I inspire people from all walks of life to maintain their peace in the midst of all storms and to live Purposeful and Passionate lives.  My earthly gift is to heal the world through my motivational, inspirational and transforming messages. 

Everything I speak, train, coach and encourage on, I have personally experienced.   To contact me to speak at your next uplifting and motivating event, please visit www.msvickylove.com or email: iammsvlove@gmail.com.

 Enjoy the moment of Now…

It’s all we’ve got.

Welcome to MsVickyLove.com!

One Mission: That’s to Inspire More Smiles through The Victorious Living Movement.

One Vision: That’s to See More Smiles in The Victorious Living Movement.

One Goal: That’s to add more lives into The Victorious Living Movement. 

The VictoriousLiving Movement

So you ask, “What is the Victorious Living Movement?”  And I’m happy you asked.  

The Victorious Living Movement is a Movement of Transformation, a Movement where hurt people are reminded of their greatness.  Hurt people are reminded of their victories,  hurt people are reminded of their accomplishments, thus making hurt people feel better about who they are.  We pat ourselves on the back and acknowledge our value and our worth!

Living Victoriously is about maintaining peace in your mind, love in your heart and joy in your Spirit!  We say no more to the goofiness of our lives and yes to living freely and passionately while continuously striding to heal and rebuke the pass hurts. 

Meet Vicky Love

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JV- Man Inspires my writing….

Jv- Man a.ka. Javion is my twelve year old cancer survivor.  Yes, he was diagnosed with A.L.L. Luekemia when he was one so when I speak about strength, courage, healing and glory; he’s my light.  

OMG! Three and a half years of chemotherapy treatments, needles, doctors, surgeries, blood transfusions, being a secluded child and baaaam!  He still sings and dance.  I give praises to The Most High everyday for my Angel named JV-Man. 


Thank you baby for being my Hero!  Mommy Loves you.  

Trust In The LORD! Proverbs 3:5 Baby!

Proverbs 3

Great Inspirational Scripture that has helped to guide my path.  I Love It! I haven’t always been obedient to it, but I know it’s there when I need it. 

Soldier of Love By Sade, is my Theme Song!

Yes, Yes, Yes!  I’m a Soldier of Love.  Everyday of my life!

Oh my oh my oh my Sade.  Baby Girrrrrl, you killed it giving us this one.  

Soldier of Love – Lyrics By Sade
I’ve lost the use of my heart
But I’m still alive
Still looking for the life
The endless pool on the other side
It’s a wild wild west
I’m doing my best
I’m at the borderline of my faith,
I’m at the hinterland of my devotion
In the front line of this battle of mine
But I’m still alive
I’m a soldier of love.
Every day and night
I’m a soldier of love
All the days of my life
I’ve been torn up inside (oh!)
I’ve been left behind (oh!)
So I ride
I have the will to survive
In the wild wild west,
Trying my hardest
Doing my best
To stay alive
I am love’s soldier!
I wait for the sound
(oh oh)
I know that love will come (that love will come)
Turn it all around
I’m a soldier of love (soldier of love)
Every day and night
I’m a soldier of love
All the days of my life
I have
When I started my first online radio broadcast in 2013, this was the theme song I played everyday when getting started.  (Great times, until I saw that cockroach crawling on me) Another story, ewwwwww. 
And when you actually read the lyrics to this powerful song, you will see that you too have been a Soldier of Love.  A Soldier of the Most High.  We Love Soldiers must remember to put on our armor and be prepared for spiritual battle because it’s real and it’s here.  

Thank you Queen Sade for this message of Power and Obedience.