I’m learning how to use Adobe Illustrator

Teaching myself Adobe Illustrator I love learning, don't you? I changed her outfit in Adobe Photoshop. I hope you like it.  This was my 1st design using Illustrator.

The Fine Tuning of the Universe — A disciple’s study

via The Fine Tuning of the Universe — A disciple's study

Fcuk Pretty — Discover

“I’m not sure what lies at the root of this: did I reject pretty, did pretty reject me? Did anger tempt me like forbidden fruit, or drive me forward with its drill instructor’s bark?” Alice Isak on the tyranny of “pretty,” its passage from mothers to daughters, and breaking free. via Fcuk Pretty — Discover

Feeling FREE!

Just BE is what GOD really tells us to do.   BE Love BE Light BE Kind BE Inspiring BE Gentle BE Humble BE Brave BE Courageous BE Victorious BE - YOU-Till-FULL Just B!

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