Mental Illness & The Stigmas

Many people secretly laugh at those who have been diagnosed with a (some) mental illness(es).  Some of them think we’re crazy and deranged.

  • Family will take you as a joke and tell you to take a pill when you  disagree with their opinion or the way they treat you.doc
  • Employers will automatically assume you will have a bad day and decide to blow up their building if you happen to get offended by some goofiness your manager may have just put you through.
  • Doctors and “Therapists” will listen, write their notes and say goodbye without an ounce of compassion.
  • When you trying to date and gain courage to be honest about your diagnosis, your date immediately considers you to be a crazy weirdo and flees from you quickly.

Laugh out loud.  The stigmas which are labeled on people diagnosed with mental illness are ridiculous and hurtful.

If you’re like me and had that one bad day to cause you to be in the position to get diagnosed; I’m sending genuine, compassionate and peaceful LOVE your way.

  • I know what it feels like yearning to vent to a therapists, but unable to because they only seem to work 1st shift and you don’t want to have to lose work hours and sacrifice a roof over your head.  (Where are the 2nd and/or 3rd shift therapists/mental health specialists? )
  • I know what it like to feel the need to isolate yourself just so your personality is not downgraded by the evil people all over the world.  (I’m so tired of hearing people say I’m too friend or too happy…just ridiculous!)

Yes, sometimes I get to the point where I wonder….is it really me?  Wondering and asking myself if I’m the problem.  Yeah, right the enemy is a lie!  It’s not me and I know that now.  I’m a beautiful and caring human being who happen to have a bit of a chemical imbalance just like many many many others.

But you know what?  I think, most of the people in this world probably has some sort of mental illness, many of those just haven’t been diagnosed.  (Just my opinion, but I haven’t met most of the people of this world either so don’t listen to me) I believe anyone who has experienced some type of life changing and life suffering event could easily be diagnosed sometime within their lives.  Suffering, pain, heartache, anger, bitterness and forgiveness has lived in many people at some point of their lives.

Arts, crafts and creativity along with meditation and self-love has been helping me with managing my diagnosis.  I have episodes from time to time.  My last episode (which took a week ago from today 3/16/16) .  My Manager told me that I needed to tone down my personality; along with a few other things.  When I asked her to clarify, she told me to stop acting goofy and crazy.  WTH??? I’m a grown a** woman (is what I wanted to say, but I didn’t)

It was 5:00 pm and as I usually do at 5 p.m.; I left for the day—I submitted a resignation notice at 8:30 a.m. the following day and at 8:40 a.m. she walked up and told me to go ahead and leave. (funny)  Employers want Employees to submit resignation notices, but they can just boot you whenever they want.  It’s cool, I was working through a staffing agency anyways.

I believe she was jealous when she heard about my CEO telling me that I was doing an amazing job.  Perhaps she was hating on me because joy showed up when I started working there.  I began noticing the change in her attitude when I began advocating against company gossip.   Sooooooo my ‘manic’ episodes include; leaving a dead-end job at the drop of a dime without a plan b or plan c.

“I was tired of being there anyways, I started to get bored.” (is what I keep reminding myself as I sit here and begin to work on my business plan) Yes, I’m a firm believer that when one door close, other opportunities open.

“I didn’t loose my income, I gained more opportunities,” is what I keep reminding myself as I think of next months bills.  I sit here and also remind myself of the law of attraction and the Grace of GOD. 🙂

Today, I choose to become mentally healed.

Today I choose to enjoy the moments.

Writing this post is healing me.

I’m singing now….Don’t worry about a thing because every little thing is going to be alright! ~ Bob Marley

Hey Friend, if you find yourself falling into a mental slump…. immediately call  for professional help, call 911 or call a close friend; just do what you have to do to keep yourself safe and peaceful.  Breathe, meditate, write, color.  Because even though they had some great tacos and even though I do not regret my testimony; the mental health facility is not a place you want to live.

Speak Life over yourself and remember, our trials, our tribulations and our experiences will help us inspire others and also help us become whole.

I hope this post helps someone dismiss their mental illness stigma(s).   Mental illness is not a joke, it’s not funny.  Be kind and Be compassionate…please.

Thanks for reading.  Enjoy the moments!