I’m in the wombin-gods-hands_girl1.jpg
      Holding on
I’m in the process
     of being re-born.
It happened so quickly
      I fell to my knees
calling out to the Most High;
       “Lord-o-Lord please!”
He heard my cry
     And stretched His mighty hand
I cried, “Lord I can’t do it anymore;
       please take me from this land.”
He said, “I can do that,
       but only if you believe;
I can free your mind
       but only if you want to be freed.”
He said, “hear my words
      and allow me to enter your heart
because when we join together
     We shall never depart.”
He said to me,
“You are me
      and I am you
when you truly become focused
        all your hopes & dreams will come true.
I love you my child,
       but I do have to say
I need you to partner with me
      Each moment of every day.”