11 Agreements Which Changed My Life For The Better…

-11 Steps to Taking It Up A Notch
  1. Don’t Take Life Personally We all have good and not so good experiences.  The object to the game of life is to enjoy the good experiences and laugh at the not so good experiences.  We all go through trials, tribulations and happy times, we must learn to embrace and learn from all experiences; whether they’d be good or not so good.
  2. Everything Changes-Everything around us change when we Change”-Author Unknown. Life is constantly changing and we must learn how to change with it.  Go with the flow, love life and allow life to love you back! Sounds easier said than done, but trust me, it can happen.
  3. Be the Perfect You The only perfect human who has walked this earth is CHRIST.  Your job is to stride to be the best you that you can be.  We all have flaws within us and we must learn to accept them as a part of who we are or change them.  If there is a flaw in your system that you have noticed, change it; turn that flaw into an asset.  But understand that there will always be something about you that may need some adjusting and critiquing. Be You & Always Stride to Become Better.
  4. Take Responsibility- Take responsibility for your actions, words, thoughts and attitude.  It’s no one’s fault but yours that you are the way you are.  If you don’t like something about yourself; take responsibility for it and change it.  You cannot change the past,,, only the present and the future can become.
  5. Hold yourself Accountable You are accountable for your actions, words, thoughts and attitude.
  6. Stop Talking & Listen Learn how to quiet thy mouth and open thy ears!  If you need help with this; ask GOD.  (He/She’ll be happy to help)
  7. Chill- People only do, what you allow them to do to you. Stop allowing people to affect your mood, attitude and level of love.  If its begins happening, take a deep breath and send a prayer of love to them.
  8. Accept Your Life Allow life to work in your favor and accept things for what they are, accept people for who they are and let go of the rest.
  9. Stop Rushing Through Life Life is not a destination, it is a journey.  Allow life to flow and learn to flow with it.  Count your blessings and lay back and enjoy the ride.
  10. Shed Old Skin: Drop habits that keep you from reaching your potential.
  11. Last, but not least… PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE!!! Stop complaining about stupid stuff and do what you have to do to handle your biz (business)!!!
I hope this list helps you grow the way the I have grown. 
(P.S. I have not yet mastered all steps, it’s an ongoing process and a journey which I will embrace.

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