Self-Nurturing Techniques To Increase Your Personal Power

1. Set Aside Some ‘Spirit-Time’

This is special time that you will use to become one with your Spirit-Man.  Your Spirit-Man is the total essence of who you are.  When GOD blew HIS breath into  Adam’s body of dust; spiritual & physical lives were created.  The transference of GOD Spirit took place.  And GOD’s Spirit dwells within us every moment of every day.  

Our Creator is so kind, HE gave us some of HIM to live the best lives that we can live while occupying our residence here on Planet Earth.  Our Creator is a Spirit.  Our Creator is Love and is the Essence of LOVE

Our Creator knows everything about HIS Creations; therefore, my opinion is, when you are in self-nurturing mode and even self-doubt mode; it is the BEST idea to; quiet yourself, invite GOD’s presence into your space and allow your ‘Spirit Man’ to be FREE to ‘self-fellowship’. 

  2.Write a Love Letter to Yourself

The Power of Words is an amazing thing.  The Bible tells us that ‘Life and Death lies in the Power of the Tongue”.  What I understand about that Scripture is that; we can choose to speak positive, inspirational and loving words over ourselves  and we can also choose to speak negative, disgusting and hateful words over ourselves.   We speak life or we speak death over our circumstances, situations and our lives.  We either bless our lives or we curse our lives. 

Be accountable to what you speak over your life, your health, your family and your finances.  If you have been experiencing negative thoughts about yourself and your life; I recommend from my personal experience that you write a ‘Love-Letter’ to yourself.  Remind yourself of your greatness, remind yourself of your accomplishments and remind yourself of your struggles that You’ve overcome.   

Some examples of ‘Speaking Life’ are: I love my life, I love me, I’m expecting great things to happen to me and my loved ones, I’m good at what I can do,  I have a good heart.

Some examples of ‘Speaking Death’ are: I hate my life, I hate myself, I’m a failure, I’m not good at anything that I do, I’m stupid, I want to give up, I want to die.

Bottom line, it’s your decision, are you going to make a choice to speak Life or Death over yourself?

3.Embrace & Celebrate Solitude

Have you ever been lonely? Have you ever felt alone?  I have.  It was amazing at one point of my life, whether I was by myself or in the presence of others, I was lonely and I felt lonely.  WOW!  I’m glad that’s over.  I’ve overcome that obstacle in my ‘Life’s Journey’.  Did you ask me how?  Okay, well since you’ve asked, I’m going to tell you.

I Set Aside Some Self-Nurturing Time and I Wrote a Love letter to Myself; after that, I no longer felt alone or was alone because I had 2 things: a personal relationship with my Creator by utilizing my ‘Spirit-Time’ and I had a personal relationship with myself getting to know and love myself better while writing my ‘love-letters’.

www.Dictionary.Com has 3 definitions of Solitude, they are as follows:

“1. the state of being or living alone; seclusion. 2.remoteness from habitations, as of a place; absence of human activity. 3. a lonely, unfrequented place.”

Many people view Solitude as a ‘bad thing’.  When it’s actually the total opposite if you use it in the right way.  I suggest that you take some alone time, get to know thyself, nurture your Spirit-Man and write those Love Letters to yourself.  You deserve it!

A phrase that I like to start my ‘Spirit-Time’ is: “Hi GOD (Creator of ALL things), how are you doing today?  Please speak to my heart and feed my soul with your words of wisdom.  Teach me how to better communicate with you and show me how to ‘be’ still and listen”

A phrase that I like to start with for writing/speaking my ‘Love-Letter’ is:  “Thank you GOD (My Creator) for my Special LIFE that you are Blessing me with, I am proud of myself for who I’ve become.”

A phrase that I like to start with for ‘Embracing and Celebrating My Solitude’ is: “I am grateful that I am never alone because You said that You will Never Leave Me Nor Forsake Me.” Hebrews 13:5

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