She’s… Just Vicky

From Victim to VICTOR; Vicky Love is a professional obstacle over-comer.  She’s the perfect speaker for conferences, workshops and events declaring and promoting Victorious Living.  Love is the Founder of the Victorious Living Movement.

  At 16 years old, Love became a young, scared and single teen Mom who was emancipated through Franklin County Children Services and now Ms. Love is: a Survivor of Suicide, a Mental Health Advocate, an Open Adoption Promoter, and a Charismatic Inspirational Speaker.
Ms. Love inspires people from all walks of life to maintain their peace in the midst of all storms and to live Purposeful and Passionate lives.  Her earthly gift is to heal the world through her motivational, inspirational and transformational messages. 
Everything Ms. Love speaks, trains and encourages on, she has personally experienced.   To contact Ms. Vicky Love to speak at your next event, please visit or email:

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Vicky Love a.k.a. Queen of Hearts! Enjoy the moment of Now.