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Heyyyyy Love!  Welcome and thanks for checking into The Victorious Living Movement with Vicky Love. 

What is The Victorious Living Movement?

The Victorious Living Movement was Founded by Yours Truly.  It’s a movement that encourages Human-BEings to recognize their divine worth, value and endurance.

We motivate and inspire one another to pat ourselves on the back because no matter what yesterday or the previous moment looked like; we still choose Life, Love and The Art of Becoming Better.  Therefore, we are Victorious

Yes, we are winners even when it doesn’t look like we are winning.  By the Grace of The Most High, The Creator of all Creations…We are still standing strong and have not allowed any obstacle to fail us or break us.  So Cheers to you for being Victorious in this thing called LIFE! Woooohoooooo. 

Who Is Vicky Love?

I’m Vicky Love.  Learn more about me and my journey here

Did you like my song?  I hope you like it. Heheheheee, hahahahaaa! Who am I?  I am everything eye need to be when I need to be it.  

Ms. Love (2)

And guess what?  I may your ANSWER THE CALL COACH/MESSENGER you’ve been waiting to show up.  

So contact me today and let’s see how we can partner on making your life a life full of Gratitude, Purpose, Passion, Fulfillment and Laughter.  Click here now to begin the process of partnering with me in Creating a Life of Freedom and Gratitude that you can be proud of living. 


Thank you again for visiting, I hope that you have made the choice to ANSWER THE CALL and LIVE YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE and WITH PASSION.  

So Cheers to You and Cheers to Life!