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Heyyyyy Love!  Welcome and thanks for stopping by.Ms. Love (2)

My name is Vicky Love.  I AM a Life Lover, a Mental Health Survivor and Advocate, a Peace Healer, an Inspirational Speaker, a Fisher-Woman, a You-Tuber, a Gratitude is the Attitude Coach, Modern Day Nomad (just in-case you haven’t watched my Van-Life Anthem video above) and The Founder of The Victorious Living Movement . I hope you like(d) it. Heheheheee, hahahahaaa! I am everything eye need to be when I need to be it.  

I may your ANSWER THE CALL COACH/MESSENGER you’ve been waiting to show up.  

Contact me today and let’s see how we can partner on making your life a life full of Gratitude, Purpose, Passion, Fulfillment and Laughter.  Click here now to begin the process of Creating a Life you can be proud of living. 


Thank you again for visiting, I hope that you have made the choice to ANSWER THE CALL and LIVE YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE and WITH PASSION.  


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