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My name is Vicky Love and I have:

One Mission: That’s To Inspire More Smiles through The Victorious Living Movement.

One Vision: That’s To See More Smiles in The Victorious Living Movement.

And One Ultimate Goal: That’s To Add You into The Victorious Living Movement.

So you ask, “What is the Victorious Living Movement?”  And I’m happy you asked.  

The Victorious Living Movement is a healing movement where hurt people are reminded of their Greatness.  Hurt people are reminded of their Victories AND hurt people are reminded of their Accomplishments and when this happens, hurt people feel better about who we TRULY are and why we exist.  

We (The Victorious Living Movement Members) have learned, currently learning and now understand that healing is a process.  It takes time, but it can and will be done by having self love, maintaining gratitude and allowing ourselves to have peace in our minds, love in our hearts and joy in our spirits; even after all of the “ugliness” or (the icky stuff) has taken place in our lives.

Eye believe the “ugliness” that happens in our lives is there to bring us more love, more joy and more peace. And this is the movement, where we leave our worries behind and we shout on high


We then Pat ourselves on the back and we acknowledge all of the icky-ugliness (not a Webster word) that we’ve been through and we’re stiiiiiiill here.  Don’t you get it?  We passed the tests. We are conquerors!  And we celebrate by rejoicing on high with love in our hearts, peace in our minds and joy in our spirits. 

It’s The Victorious Living Movement Baby! We live life on our terms, courageously and victoriously by any means necessary.  We’re kind to ourselves, we’re kind and respectful to others and we refuse to longer not let our lights shine. 


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Thank you and again, Welcome and Cheers to Your Life!

Inspirational Speaker, Vicky Love